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Cougar Tales: Director's Cut (April 2015) 

Alumni Leaders Conference 

For the fifth consecutive year, Alumni Weekend will not only include A Charleston Affair and reunions, but the Alumni Association will host the Alumni Leaders Conference. This event welcomes the official leaders from 39 national and international chapters back to campus so they can stay informed and get involved. 

This year's conference will include leaders from the the following chapters: Baltimore, MD; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; Washington, D.C.; Lowcountry - Charleston, SC; Greenville/Upstate, SC; Charlotte,NC; Hong Kong; Cincinnati, OH; San Francisco, CA; Hampton Roads, VA; Tampa, FL; Raleigh, NC; Orlando, FL; and Rochester, NY. 

The conference offers alumni leaders the opportunity to become well-informed advocates for the College of Charleston. The full day event will feature information about alumni events, alumni engagment, Boundless, the comprehensive campaign for the College of Charleston, and ways to inform and engage their individul chapters. 

Ok, so why are we telling you all this? 

1. We want you to know we have 39 Alumni Chapters around the the world; College of Charleston alumni are everywhere! #CougarNation. 

2. We want you to know that each chapter has alumni leaders who are dedicated, well-informed alumni ready to help you connect with our alma mater. 

3. Wondering how you're assigned to a chapter? It is automatically decided by your mailing address. You can check your current information in your MyCofC profile

4. Do you travel a lot to cities where we have an alumni chapter? If so, and there is an alumni event happening while you're there, please attend! All of our alumni events are listed on

5. Every chapter has its own webpage, including chapter leadership, events and links to chapter Facebook groups. See a complete list of chapters »

We hope to see you all at an alumni chapter event soon! 

Jack Huguley '72 
Director of Alumni Relations
College of Charleston