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Cougar Tales: Director's Cut (August 2015) 


Charleston is known for its hospitality, whether it is being touted by Travel & Leisure, USA Today, Fox News, CNN, or (hopefully not this year) The Weather Channel. There is no debate here. Charleston is hands down one of the friendliest and most hospitable cities in the world, and the College of Charleston is part of the epicenter.

A week from today, the class of 2019 will officially move onto campus. Replete with shower caddies, new binders and yet to be read textbooks, these students are about to start an experience of a lifetime. And just like the many visitors to Charleston, they may not know the city, the campus, the people, the history or the tricks of the trade, and that’s where we need your help. 

As alumni, we have walked (or tripped) down these brick sidewalks before, we know which restaurants have the good eats (both for the student-budget and the when-your-parents-are-in-town budget), which professors will unexpectedly change your life, which beaches are best for a lazy Sunday, and which classes are just not meant to be taken at 8:00 AM. 

It only seems right that we impart a little bit of this wisdom to the newbies. #CougarWelcome is about welcoming our students to campus. Share your advice, favorite stories, or a move in day memory via social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #CougarWelcome.  And be sure to check out our social media channels on August 20-21 (the official move-in days) to see all the hustle and bustle on campus. 

We all remember our first days on campus and how overwhelming it can be. Near and far, let us all give a big #CougarWelcome to the incoming class of 2019! 

Jack Huguley '72 
Director of Alumni Relations
College of Charleston