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Cougar Tales: Director's Cut (December 2014) 


If you live in Charlotte, Baltimore, Long Island or Boston, the Cougar Trail is coming your way again this year. Cougar Trail is our annual excursion to selected CofC Alumni Chapters that coincide with “away” games on our men’s basketball schedule. 

We do this for three reasons, 1) we want to bring the College of Charleston to you 2) we want a large local crowd to cheer on the Cougars against our opponents, especially conference opponents and
3) we want to create a networking opportunity for our alumni, parents and friends in your respective region.

The background:

  1. Bringing the College to you – The Cougar Trail is a collaborative outreach program between the departments/divisions of Athletics, Alumni Relations, Admissions, Academic Affairs and Development.  We will hold a pre-game event before each of the games and campus leadership will be on deck to inform and inspire you about all things CofC.  Alumni, prospective students, and parents will be invited to both the pre-game festivities and to the game itself.  Many prospective students will come “still on the fence” about their college decision for fall 2015.  These prospective students are highly sought after by other schools.  Your participation, your enthusiasm and your personal testimonials could help them decide in our favor.  Bring your A game!

  2. Cheering on the Cougars – In you haven’t been living under a rock the last six months you know we have a new men’s basketball coach.  He is Earl Grant and his wife Jacci is a proud Cougar from the class of 2001.   This is our second year in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) and, as predicted, CAA schools play at a VERY competitive level.  We have already had some success in the CAA.  In our first full year in the CAA (2013-2014) we won the conference championships for baseball, volleyball, men’s golf and women’s golf.  This is an incredible accomplishment!

    However, men’s basketball will be a challenge (again) this 2014-2015 basketball season.  Having you and your fellow alumni CHEERING at the top of your lungs can often be the difference between a win-loss record that requires playing into the conference championship and a record that locks-up a first-round bye.  Having a first-round bye is critical to winning the conference championship; and winning the conference championship is the only route to March Madness.  We need you.

  3. Networking in your region – Y’all; I’m talking about jobs and careers! I can guarantee we will deliver a room filled with folks you want to know, you should want to know, or at some point in the future you will be glad you know.  And EVERYONE in the room will have a common interest – The College of Charleston.  A relationship lead doesn’t get much warmer than this.

Learn more about the Cougar Trail and how to register. 

Want a fresh perspective on networking? Log into MyCofC and view the Alumni Association’s exclusive video series on How to Outsmart, Outmaneuver and Outhustle Your Competition in a Difficult Job Market.

Jack Huguley '72 
Director of Alumni Relations
College of Charleston