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Starting a New Chapter

We are excited that you wish to start a new chapter in your area! First, make sure there isn’t already one (see the full list of existing chapters here) and then follow the steps below: 

  1. Send an email to Meredith Chance at in the Alumni Relations Office to express your interest. In that email, attach the signed first page of the Privacy Policy and include the area in which you live.
    1. Meredith will respond to you with our official Chapter Handbook for you to peruse and use as a guide.
    2. She will also send you a confidential listing of alumni in your area for you to peruse, and you should contact those you know who would possibly be interested in helping form this new chapter.
  2. A meeting should be called for all those who are willing and able to invest enough time and effort necessary to initiate an active chapter. At this organizational meeting, the following should be covered:
    1. Identify (at minimum) a Chapter President and Vice President.
      1. Selecting an Events Coordinator next is highly recommended.
      2. Send these names and a tasteful photo of each to Meredith for her to add to or update on the chapter website.
        1. Photos should be of the head and shoulders area and should not contain alcohol or other people.
    2. Gather ideas for the first year of chapter activities.
  3. You and your other leader(s) would then plan an event in the area, and please make sure the event pays for itself. Usually, a social gathering or an event centered around a local sporting event (pre or post-game gathering) is suggested when you are just starting out because those appeal to a wide range of alumni.
    1. Once your event is created, send all the specifics to Meredith. Be sure to include the date, time, location, specials offered at the venue, meeting location at the venue (private room, upstairs, etc.). At least four weeks’ notice is requested in order to create the above items and advertise effectively prior to the event.
      1. Meredith will then advertise the event by:
        1. Creating a website for the event that includes an informational section, an RSVP section and a “who’s coming” section (see our event calendar for an example of these sites)
        2. Creating a blast email that she’ll send to all alumni in your area (this ensures that all information is up-to-date). Emails are sent to everyone in our database form whom we have an email address and those who have a mailing address in your area.
        3. Posting information on the CofC Alumni Facebook fan page (
        4. Posting information on your official Chapter Facebook group (to be created by Meredith after the first event is planned).
        5. Posting information on the CofC Alumni Twitter account (
    2. The afternoon of the day of the event, Meredith will email you a list of those who have RSVP’d through the website as well as other details that the Chapter leader(s) will need for the event:
      1. Institutional Message for President to give and print copies
      2. Reminder to take posed pictures
      3. Reminder to get everyone’s information on sign-in sheets
      4. Reminder to collect business cards from alumni
      5. Reminder that if any chapter budget money is to be used, you will need to provide Meredith with the itemized receipt and extra signed copy for reimbursement.
  4. Within five days of the event, you will need to email Meredith:
    1. Photos from the event, sign-in sheets, and any business cards collected in order for us to update our database with attendee names and updates.