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Boundless Alumni Roll Call

The College of Charleston is completing the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its 246-year history, appropriately named BOUNDLESS. Help us reach our goal of having at least 10,000 alumni donors by making a donation today. With only one month to go, please join 10,052 of our fellow alumni who have already donated to help us reach this historic goal. Now is our time - donate today!

Please share your BOUNDLESS support today on Facebook or Twitter to encourage our fellow alumni to join The 10,000!

The Alumni Roll Call of donors will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back if you don’t see your name right away. March Matchness donations are being processed and donors will be posted soon.
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NameClass of
June C. Aiken1987
Clarence R. Alexander1987
Genevieve H. Beach1987
James A. Beavers1987
Billie A. Begley1984
Cynthia B. Blair-McManus1987
Michael E. Blanton1987
Natalie R. Bluestein1987
Susan M. Bobbitt1987
Bertha J. Booker1987
Michael R. Bosch1987
Melinda W. Bradshaw1987
Gregory S. Brickle1987
Helen V. Brooks1987
Royall Callaway1987
Julia S. Cart1987
Jeffrey W. Cary1987
Stephanie B. Clarkson1987
Elizabeth K. Cochran1987
Dee A. Cole1987
Jeanne M. Craig1987
Jessica C. Crawford1987
Mark W. Darrington1987
Brenda G. Dispenza1987
Cynthia D. Douan1987
Brian R. Drumheller1987
Darla G. Edwards1987
Henrietta M. Evatt1987
Ann Marie S. Fairchild1986
Betsy A. Fanning1987
Melissa K. Fleck-Aller1987
Kimberly O. Furno1987
Debra J. Gammons1987
Christine M. Gantt Sorenson1987
Paul T. Gee1987
Thomas V. Gilson1987
Anne E. Glontz1987
Sheena M. Greiner1987
Rita Hammond1987
Devon W. Hanahan1987
Robert E. Hanss1987
John W. Hayse1987
Lynda A. Hazen1987
Laura H. Hendley1987
Caroline N. Hewett1987
Jerry W. Hill1987
Maura G. Hogan1987
Nina Horne1987
Sherri M. Howie1987
Patricia L. Hutchison1987
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