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CofC Alumni Honor Roll 2019

Are you on the CofC Alumni Honor Roll this year? Alumni are the largest philanthropic supporters of the College of Charleston, both in number of donors and amount given. Alumni listed below have donated since July 1, 2018. Let’s surpass 2,500 alumni donors in FY19! Alumni who give between now and June 30 will be sent a free CofC Alumni decal so you can show your Cougar pride on your car, your laptop, etc.

Not on the list? Make a donation today and show your support for your alma mater.

The Alumni Honor Roll of donors will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back if you don’t see your name right away.
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NameClass of
R. J. Garrison1976
Christian E. Jablonski2017
Chanele H. Jackson1987
Marion M. Jackson1991
Michael H. Jackson1982
Cassandra L. Jaffe2006
Andrew C. Jaffee2005
David H. Jaffee1973
Dolly S. Jaffee1987
Farrakhan M. James1998
Carole L. Jaques1963
Charles A. Jaques1963
Kevin A. Jasinski1987
Edgar S. Jaycocks1965
Dennis A. Jefferson1996
Adam C. Jenkins2014
Casey M. Jenkins2010
Christopher L. Jenkins2016
Sarah W. Jenkins2003
Anne F. Jennings1978
Patricia R. Jetton1990
Carolina M. Jewett2005
Laura D. Jimenez2007
Julise M. Johanson1975
Akia D. Johnson2021
Alex E. Johnson2011
Amaiya J. Johnson
Amanda W. Johnson2002
Bethany A. Johnson1994
Carl R. Johnson1971
Chad E. Johnson1996
Colin J. Johnson2015
Danny K. Johnson2011
David F. Johnson1999
Erin M. Johnson2005
Gary W. Johnson1976
Judith I. Johnson1969
Mary Q. Johnson1994
Melissa L. Johnson1997
Meredith C. Johnson2002
Michael A. Johnson1975
Yancey M. Johnson1989
John S. Johnston1993
Logan D. Johnston2021
Stephanie L. Johnston1990
David M. Johnstone1990
Mary B. Johnstone1991
Barbara I. Jonas
Andrea P. Jones1963
Charles A. Jones1989
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NameClass of
Theda R. Aaron2015
Dean R. Adams2003
Esther K. Adams2011
Rosheene Adams1999
Jada M. Addison1999
Marlene A. Addlestone1964
Gloria A. Adelson
Randy E. Adkins1998
Sherlonda T. Adkins1999
Frederick M. Adler1993
Lara C. Adler1993
Lancie A. Affonso1996
Thomas J. Alber1987
Owen B. Albert
Sharon W. Alderman1985
John E. Alessi1998
Kathryn L. Alex2007
Ashley L. Alexander1994
Brian E. Alexander1990
Clarence R. Alexander1987
Courtney A. Alexander2014
David W. Alexander1994
Mollie Alexander1985
Maria Alfieris1976
Tyrone T. Alford
Marie Allain1999
Amy Allen1992
Dylan T. Allen2022
Suzanne R. Allen1958
Cheryl M. Allran1986
Heather K. Alpert1992
Jennifer M. Alstad2007
Jennet Alterman
Susan W. Altman
Justin C. Altum2003
Kate E. Altum2003
William W. Amos1978
Aliyah C. Anderson
Carolyn N. Anderson1970
James P. Anderson1955
Leah E. Anderson2015
Lynda C. Anderson1975
Patricia Anderson1980
Philip Anderson1981
Rachel I. Anderson2006
Alyssa M. Andrade2018
Carter E. Andrews1998
Charles A. Andrus1963
Jan F. Andrus1954
Kathryn E. Angelo2002
Results: (1 - 50) of more than 500