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CofC Alumni Honor Roll 2019

Are you on the CofC Alumni Honor Roll this year? Alumni are the largest philanthropic supporters of the College of Charleston, both in terms of number of donors and amount given each year. Alumni listed on our Honor Roll below have donated since July 1, 2018. Alumni who give $25 or more by February 15 get early access to purchase tickets to A Charleston Affair on May 4. Last year, ACA ticket sales opened in March and sold out in three weeks, so make your donation today to ensure you're on the list for early access. Share your love of the College on Facebook or Twitter and encourage our fellow alumni to join the Honor Roll!

The Alumni Honor Roll of donors will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back if you don’t see your name right away.
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NameClass of
M. S. Fowler1960
Brianna M. Sabacinski2016
Isabel M. Salazar2009
Emmette J. Saleeby1986
Soo L. Saleeby1987
Jeri T. Salmond2004
Phyllis B. Saltzman1979
Whitney D. Sandborn2013
Charlie T. Sanders1976
Christine M. Sanders1978
Richard J. Sanders1966
Betty W. Sandifer1984
Paul A. Sandifer1968
Mark D. Sargeant1987
Robert J. Sauers1977
Maureen E. Saul2002
Melissa J. Sauls1990
Connor L. Savage2015
Mary M. Sawyer2000
Paul D. Saylors2011
George C. Scarborough1975
Janet W. Scarborough1998
Steven M. Schapiro2011
Helene G. Scharff
Jeffrey M. Schilz2000
Kelly M. Schleppegrell1980
Michael S. Schmitt1992
Kenneth N. Schnepf1981
Anna I. Schoettle2012
David R. Schools1984
Barbara R. Schreiner2013
Carl T. Schultz1983
Pamela K. Schultz1989
Alexander K. Schwab2002
Margaret P. Schwacke1950
Teresa L. Schwartz1987
Mary A. Schweers1989
Hugh T. Scogin1972
Carmen S. Scott1996
Stacy R. Scruggs1994
Alice C. Seabrook
Emily O. Sealy2005
Shawn M. Sease1989
Jacob A. Sechler2022
Susan S. Seigler1998
Brandi A. Sellers2005
Mindelle K. Seltzer
Anne W. Semmes
Zade M. Serdah2016
Caroline C. Serna2003
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NameClass of
Esther K. Adams2011
Marlene A. Addlestone1964
Randy E. Adkins1998
Sherlonda T. Adkins1999
Frederick M. Adler1993
Lara C. Adler1993
Lancie A. Affonso1996
Thomas J. Alber1987
John E. Alessi1998
Kathryn L. Alex2007
Brian E. Alexander1990
Courtney A. Alexander2014
Maria Alfieris1976
Marie Allain1999
Amy Allen1992
Suzanne R. Allen1958
Cheryl M. Allran1986
Heather K. Alpert1992
Jennifer M. Alstad2007
Jennet Alterman
Susan W. Altman
Justin C. Altum2003
Kate E. Altum2003
William W. Amos1978
Carolyn N. Anderson1970
James P. Anderson1955
Patricia Anderson1980
Rachel I. Anderson2006
Carter E. Andrews1998
Charles A. Andrus1963
Ana Angelova2003
Sidney D. Appel1959
William E. Applegate1997
Melantha A. Ardrey2002
Katherine N. Arnold2000
Gibbon S. Ashley2010
Samuel L. Atchison1998
Danielle Atkins
Bert C. Atkinson2009
Joshua E. Atkinson2006
Nathan Attard2009
Cathryn C. Austelle2012
Amy D. Austen1985
Sandra M. Ayoub1963
Barbara F. Backer1982
Michael J. Baier1991
Alexandra M. Bailey2013
Christian R. Bailey2012
Charles J. Baker1980
Elizabeth B. Baker1981
Results: (1 - 50) of more than 500