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Study Abroad in France Scholarships

For student leaders traveling to France 

The Alumni Association offers two study abroad scholarships. One scholarship was created by Jeffrey A. Foster, the other established in honor of Henry Miller, both former chairs of the French Department. 

Jeffrey A. Foster taught at the College for 28 years, serving as section leader and then Chair of the French Department for nine years until his retirement. Dr. Foster is remembered for his commitment to the complete undergraduate experience. In 1990 he was selected by his peers to receive the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes the contribution of a faculty member who, beyond his or her required duties, has served the college community in an outstanding and distinguished manner. His impact on students as a professor, advisor, and friend was recognized again in 2003, when more than 100 of his former students from two decades of teaching traveled from around the country to attend his retirement party. 

Henry Miller, whose distinguished career at our College extended over 36 years, served as an inspiration to his many students. He was a French professor who set high standards for his students and cared about their intellectual development. He would delight in discussions on literary or philosophical topics with students and colleagues. He was a soft-spoken, kind, courteous, well-mannered gentleman who believed that his students should respect the convictions of others. When Henry Miller passed away in 1985, friends wished to honor his memory and devoted service. These friends collected funds to create an endowed award to honor a man who loved French culture and wanted others to appreciate it. 


  • The student must be a full-time student at CofC and must participate in a minimum of two College of Charleston organizations.
  • Student is or will be a part of an approved College of Charleston study-abroad program to France. 

Application Process

  • Fill out online scholarship application.
  • Application includes the following essays: 
    • List your extracurricular activities in school, community or church, including high school activities for currently enrolled students. 
    • In 500 words or less, describe your most significant volunteer or leadership activity and why it is meaningful to you.