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CofC Alumni Honor Roll 2019-20

Are you on the CofC Alumni Honor Roll this year? Alumni listed below have donated since July 1, 2019. Let’s surpass 3,000 alumni donors in FY20 and help improve the College's ranking in U.S. News & World Report!

Not on the list? Make a donation today and show your support for your alma mater.

The Alumni Honor Roll of donors will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back if you don’t see your name right away.

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Esther K. Adams2011
Randy E. Adkins1998
Sherlonda T. Adkins1999
Frederick M. Adler1993
Lara C. Adler1993
Lancie A. Affonso1996
Alyssa L. Aitken2012
Payton E. Alexander2019
Maria Alfieris1976
Marie Allain1999
Richard J. Almeida
Colin E. Alstad2019
Jennifer M. Alstad2007
Justin C. Altum2003
Kate E. Altum2003
Carolyn D. Anderson1993
Robin D. Anderson1981
Creighton W. Armstrong2009
Cristy H. Armstrong2011
Katherine N. Arnold2000
Jeffrey J. Aschieris2013
W. S. Ashburne1973
Christian R. Bailey2012
Charles J. Baker1980
Elizabeth B. Baker1981
Jerry I. Baker1974
Sallie L. Ballard1982
Christopher D. Banholzer2013
James L. Banks2002
Bronwyn A. Barron2001
Johnnie W. Baxley1992
Valisa M. Baxley
Edward G. Baxter2015
Norman Berlinsky
Heidi H. Blake2003
Bess Bluestein2002
Brett A. Bluestein1997
Kayla M. Bogad2015
Marijana R. Boone2001
Pierre E. Bouvette1981
Rachel B. Bowling1967
F. L. Boyle1969
Sarah K. Boyle2014
Susan B. Boyle1969
William H. Breard2008
Margaret E. Bridges1969
Erica Brown1993
Marshall S. Brown2009
Timothy A. Brown2014
Benjamin D. Brownlee2001
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