Affinity Groups

By Darren
Posted on 11 January 2021 | 7:37 pm


After a decade of increasing alumni engagement through 30+ regional CofC Clubs, the Alumni Association is organizing Affinity Groups to engage alumni who share identities, experiences, interests, and/or goals. The Black Alumni Council has been a successful Affinity Group for years and the Alumni Association hopes to create other Affinity Groups as well. Affinity Groups will host events around Fall and Spring Alumni Weekends and CofC Day, as well as other events throughout the year as appropriate (in-person or virtual). Joining an Affinity Group is free, however, there may be a registration fee for events to cover costs.

Contact Information

Membership in an Affinity Group is voluntary and interest must be indicated by the individual alumna/us (please do not submit this form on behalf of someone else).

    You may join as many Affinity Groups as you like. Please select the affinity group(s) you would like to join above. At least one selection is required.*

For more information about Affinity Groups or to learn how you might create a new Alumni Affinity Group, please read the Affinity Group Guidelines.