C2C Student Honor Roll

By John Stabinger
Posted on 24 September 2020 | 2:17 pm

C2C Student Honor Roll

These students demonstrated they are Committed to Charleston by making a donation of at least $5 to support CofC during 2023-24. Join them by making a donation of at least $5 to support the College and your name will be listed on the Honor Roll too! You’ll also receive other great benefits, including a free professional headshot, a review of your LinkedIn profile, and seniors get early access to A Charleston Affair tickets! Click here to donate!

First Name Last Name Class
Margaret Beckwith 2026
Stephen Benecick 2023
Sydney Callagy 2026
Tita Curtin 2023
Summer Davidson 2025
Ivanna Dominguez 2025
Emily Esteban 2026
Madeline Hunter 2025
Natalie Juckett 2024
Ally Keschinger 2025
Ashley Kidd 2025
Macy Layton 2024
Anthony LeLand 2026
Aiden Mitchell 2025
Charlotte Plummer 2026
Kylee Poole 2025
Liam Radin 2023
David Rae 2024
Mary Sandifer 2025
Michael Stein 2024

Featured C2C Member


Jack Hoel ’22

I love giving back to CofC because I want the College to be better than I found it. Just like the generous alumni before me did.

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