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Alumni Award of Honor

Celebrating our leaders

The Alumni Award of Honor is the highest honor awarded by the College of Charleston Alumni Association. It is presented to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Association or to the College. This was formerly known as the Honorary Life Membership Award. Both alumni and friends of the College are eligible for this award.

2019 Alumni Award of Honor

Gregory D. Padgett ’79  

A native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Greg Padgett has been actively involved on campus since his days as a business major. The organizational skills he learned as a member of Pi Kappa Phi and other campus organizations translated well into the world of business. After a successful career as a certified public accountant, he became the Chief Financial Officer of Fennell Holdings, an investment holding company in Charleston which encompasses the hospitality, waste services, real estate, aviation, and finance industries. He has held that position for over 20 years.

Padgett’s involvement with the College has been longstanding and far-reaching. He is the past chair for the College of Charleston Board of Trustees and was the first alumnus to hold the Alumni Association Trustee seat. He is a past chair of the College of Charleston Foundation, and a past Cougar Club Board member. He currently serves on the College of Charleston School of Business Board of Governors and recently served on the College’s Presidential Search Committee. He was the recipient of an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the College in 2018.

Padgett has worked tirelessly in support of the College of Charleston and has been a passionate advocate and ambassador for his alma mater. With his selfless generosity and unwavering commitment, he truly embodies the concept of servant leadership.

Alumni Award of Honor Past Recipients

George W. Barnette III '58
Charles J. Baker III '80
Michelle Baxley and Johnnie Baxley ’92
Norman A. Chamberlain '09 *
Louis E. Condon '50 *
Sylvester D. Craig '05 *
Alexander C. Dick '15 *
Charlotte Buist Dickson '37 *
Daniel S. Dukes IV '76
Elmina L. Eason '28 *
Emily Molony Swanson '89 and Steve D. Swanson '89
J. Harold Easterby '20 *
James B. Edwards '50 *
Margaret Ehrhardt '66 
Yvonne duFort Evans '58
Harry W. Freeman '43 *
Alexander L. Geisenheimer '03 *
Kenneth S. (Gus) Gustafson, Sr. '75
Sylvia Craver Harvey '58
Robert Heffron, Sr. '39 *
William D. Hilton '51
Gedney M. Howe, Jr. '35 *
F. Mitchell Johnson '37 *
Jean Wayland Johnson & Tapley O. Johnson, Jr., FR
John M. Jordan, Jr. '62 *
John L. Kresse, FR
Edward Kronsberg, FR *
Marie M. Land, FR
Charles L. Latimer, Jr. '44 *
Lionel K. Legge '09 *
Wendell M. Levi '12 *
Harry M. Lightsey, Jr., FR *
Carl J. Likes '37 *
Tony Meyer '49
William V. Moore, FR *
Harold A. Mouzon '13 *
John D. Muller, FR *
J. Robertson Paul '10 *
Edwin S. Pearlstine, Jr., FR
Milly Deas Pinckney '51 *
Bernard F. Puckhaber '50 *
Mary Loretto Croghan Ramsay '42 *
Kitty Gianatos Rentiers '51
Myrtle Craver Riggs '46 * 
G. L. Buist Rivers '16 *
George C. Rogers, Jr. '43 *
John Arthur Siegling '28 *
Mary Geraty Silcox '33 *
Willard A. Silcox '33 *
Willard A. (Billy) Silcox, Jr. '65
Robert Scott Small '36 *
Sam Stafford III '68
Theodore S. Stern, FR *
Gordan B. Stine '44 *
W. Leigh Thompson '57 *
Jane Lucas Thornhill '46 *
Edward E. Towell '34 *
Elizabeth Jenkins Young '39 * 
John A. Zeigler, Jr., FR *


FR=Friend of the College