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Student Alumni Associates

The Student Alumni Associates (SAA) is a College of Charleston student organization made up of undergraduate students who desire to serve our alumni, students, and campus through interaction and volunteering. Originally created for the purpose of giving campus tours (now Charleston 40), SAA has grown into one of the most distinguished organizations on campus. Consistent with its heritage since its founding in 1984, SAA has retained their mission of service to our campus community.

Much like the College of Charleston itself, the Student Alumni Associates have grown in strength and prestige over the years. While volunteering for campus activities such as New Student Convocation and Commencement are vital to the SAA mission, the organization also focuses on donating annually to their endowed scholarship and acting as student ambassadors for the College and its students.

The first mission for SAA members is to have fun and enjoy making new friends! SAA’s second mission is to serve and promote the college we all love while you are here as students and when you leave as alumni. Show your enthusiasm and pride for your College of Charleston Cougar Nation! Stay Informed about the College, Get Involved while you’re here and give Back!

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